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Anita McComas

Anita was born in a small town in Maryland, USA, but lived in the vibrant city of Montreal, QC Canada for 20 years where she pursued her career in Marketing and Product Development. Her passion for art was always part of her life and in her spare time she enjoyed painting commissioned pieces as well a personal pieces. A move to the Okanagan in 2008 presented the opportunity to pursue her dream of working as a full time artist.

Her educational background (BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.) plus her natural thirst to learn through classes and seminars has pushed her style in new directions.
Currently she devotes a lot of her attention to the medium of acrylics.

"As an Okanagan Artist, I am inspired by the magnificence of the landscapes that I live in. It is incredible the amount of inspiration I draw from the mountains. I still cannot believe that my path in life has led me here, where every day I feel the energy to create, create, create!"

And create she does. Anita's work is not limited to a single theme or subject matter. She paints what inspires her, be it the twisted branch of a grapevine, a moment in a teenager's day, the majesty of the world around her, a single flower caught in the sunlight, or the feeling of power which she puts into an abstract piece. She does not buy into the idea that you have to be a "landscape painter" or a "portrait painter" or an "abstract painter" or any other subject limiting painter. Painting is a passion. There is no limit as to what you can achieve when you follow your passion.

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Altitude Art Gallery Altitude Art Gallery
Mountain Town in the Rockies
28 x 14

Original Acrylic
Bales and Shadows
36  x 24

Original Acrylic
Altitude Art Gallery Altitude Art Gallery
Ending of a Day
20 x 16

Original Acrylic
A Day in Big White

24 x 24

Original Acrylic
Altitude Art Gallery Altitude Art Gallery
Colour Above Us
12 x 24

Original Acrylic
Lone Boat on the Lake

24 x 36

Original Acrylic
Altitude Art Gallery Altitude Art Gallery
And the Wind Whispered Through Me

20 x 24

Original Acrylic

16 x 20

Original Acrylic
Current Events at Altitude Involving Anita

Anita is a new Artist to Altitude and we are pleased to be able to bring her work to our clients from around the Foothills and Calgary.
Come down and view her work next time you're in Olde Towne Okotoks.

Remember Okotoks holds a monthly festival of Arts & Culture on the "First Saturday" of every month and Altitude Art & Custom Framing is pleased to be involved.  Look at our Calander for more details.