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From time to time our artists come in and host workshops or demonstrations for interested local artists of all ages. These are usually week-end events, starting on a Friday evening and running over the week-end. Some of our local artists also host workshops that run once a week over a few weeks. And sometimes we will have an artist come in to paint in the Gallery, demonstrating and answering questions on how they work.  

In 2010 we held workshops with Murray Phillips, Roger D. Arndt, Jonn Einerssen and Paula Henchell as well as demonstrations from Andrew Kiss and Vance Theoret. 

Murray & Roger Teaching

We already have plans for their return visits in 2011 along with several more. 

Doug Levitt will host a workshop over the weekend of 4th & 5th March 2011. 

We also have workshops and demonstrations planned from Andrew Kiss, Murray Phillips, Roger D. Arndt, Jonn Einerssen and local artist Paula Henchell will be hosting regular workshops in our new Studio area.  And for those interested in Stone Carving, Vance Theoret will be holding a workshop later in the year too. 

For more details of Doug's visit, to reserve your place, or to get your name on the list for any future workshops please contact us and add your name to the list.